Digital Realty Trust: Digital Realty files application for data centers in Clondalkin, Ireland

Aug 25, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Digital Realty has filed for permission to build data centers in Clondalkin, Ireland. According to Digital Realty’s application, the Company wants 10-year permission to build two data center buildings called DUB15 and DUB16 close to its existing facilities in Clondalkin. These buildings will have a combined 33,577 sqm (361,400 sq ft) of space.

DUB15 will have 16,865 sqm (181,500 sq ft) for ancillary office use, data storage use, loading bays, storage space, maintenance, and associated electrical and mechanical plant rooms. On the other hand, DUB16 will have 16,712 sqm (179,900 sq ft) of space. Digital Realty also filed for permission to erect a gas-powered energy generation compound in place of an existing onsite wastewater treatment facility that’s unused. Digital Realty filed for permission this August. The decision on the filing is also due in late September.

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